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Metal Cap with Strap

For preventing leaks from ports

  • Strong metal flare cap.
  • Packing doesn’t come off when detaching under the pressure
  • To prevent leakage of refrigerant from A/ C and storage tanks


Hose Gasket

Replacement gaskets for rubber charging hose.

  • Y19020 ASADA Hose Gasket (1/4”~5/16” - 10 pcs)
  • Y19011 ASADA Hose Gasket (3/8” - 10 pcs)


Vacuum Pump Oil

Special oil for vacuum pumps.

  • After each vacuuming operation, it is recommended to change the oil while it is still warm to remove pollutants before they can precipitate
  • By changing oil regularly and keeping oil clean, the performance and efficiency of the pump is maintained while reducing corrosion and wear


Big Blu Gas Leak Detector

For Low Temperature

  • Eco friendly as biodegrading
  • Contains no chlorine (less corrosive than deionized water)
  • Large bubbles stay for long period to help detect small leaks
  • Spreads over all the surface because of the water soluble adhesion
  • Temperature range −34~94°C
  • RT150S ASADA Big Blu Leak Detection Spray (0.95L)
    RT150G ASADA Big Blu Leak Detection Refill (3.8L)


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