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Asadathreadinglogo2016AHVAC Service Valves

Access Control Valves

Prevent refrigerant from venting when you disconnect the hose.

  • 1/4” for R407C, R404A, R507A, R134a, R12, R22, R502
  • 5/16” for R32, R410A


Small Vacuum Gauge with Valve

Just install into 1/4” port to easily check pressure and vacuum retention.

  • 0~ –0.1MPa
  • ø40mm gauge
  • Accessories: Adapter for different diameter (1/4” Flare female x 5/16” Flare male)
  • Fits 2, 4, 6 & 8CFM Eco vacuum pumps


1/4” Hose with Ball Valve

Male x female

Ideal for stopping refrigerant venting when removing the hose.

  • For R32 • R410A • R12 • R22 • R502 • R407C •R404A • R507A • R134a


Valve Core Tool

For removing valve core in service port.

  • R32 • R410A applicable
  • Possible to store valve cores
  • Valve core applicable to CFC • HCFC • HFC


Tool for Removing Valve Core

Filling / Recovering refrigerant & valve removal tool

  • For R32 • R410A applicable
  • Remove valve core for replacement without leaking
  • Can speed up vacuuming, charging and recovery by removing valve core in the service port
  • Vacuum gauge can be attached


Piercing Valve

  • ASADApiercingvalveinuseMakes a connection port for recovery from equipment which has no service port, such as home use refrigerator, etc.
  • Copper pipe size 3/16”-1”
  • Connection port 1/4” flare (with Schrader valve)


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