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RR Bramley's Rick Ellis (General Manager), Paul Lineen (Sales Manager) and Brooke Walker (Engineering Manager)

Bend it, shape it, any way you want it

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The engineering trades will know Auckland-based R.R. Bramley company as a 90-year-old supplier of robust and light machines throughout New Zealand and Australia.

After morphing from jobbing engineering into manufacturing and exporting, the company has recently expanded its machining arm to custom fabrication ofhighly computerised components, both new and repaired, for the likes of yachts and all types of manufacturing machinery. "Capital investment has increasedour capacity and provided a real opportunity to take on new customers for the first time in years," says general manager Rick Ellis.

"After a long-term association with Japanese supplier Okuma, we have bought another of their computerised numerically controlled [CNC] machines.“We have a state-of-the-art CNC machine shop, which manufactures all sorts of custom made parts unavailable off the shelf."I've watched the team turn a piece of steel into an incredibly accurate and detailed machine for a large confectionary producer, with amazing precision, showing the capability of our people and these dynamic machines."There is now a wonderful range of machines used for cutting, bending, drilling and forming, along with hand tools for plumbers, HVAC and wider trades."

Bramley is also launching a new range of Japanese Asada products: fire protection tools including for gas detection; and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems that include the lightest titanium vacuum pumps that are portable and reliable for the serviceman.Relationships and quality equal success

And the recipe for the company's success, says Rick, has been great relationships built up over generations, coupled with consistently supplying quality products at reasonable prices.He says, "There is great team loyalty, with an average 20 years of service in staff across factory, sales and administration teams, along with a solid core distributor network nationwide."

Bramley is known for making its own branded equipment and selling branded imports. Apart from being a market leader in its home markets of New Zealand and Australia, R.R. Bramley & Co Ltd exports to the US, Canada, England, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, the Pacific Islands, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan.Bramley sells its own branded, and imported, machines for bending metal pipes, curving sheet metal, cutting, punching and sawing; machines and oil for threadingpipes and bolts; and electric chain hoists.

The company prides itself on also being the leading supplier of industrial bench grinders in Australasia. Back in 1921, R R Bramley and Co was founded as jobbing engineers and in 1953 was purchased by the Herbert family. The Herberts have continually expanded the business. In 1980 they set up Garrick Herbert Pty Ltd in Sydney, Australia for manufacturing and warehousing, to support the increasing demand for the Bramley range in that market.

In 1991 the Garrick Herbert business bought the Linishall company factory that also supplied engineering equipment and made components.ln 2011 further expansion was undertaken with the establishment of Garrick USA LLC in Winona, Minnesota. This company distributes key product lines such as Bramley and Linishall brands into the American and Canadian industrial marketplaces.


Rick Ellis with a sample of RR Bramley's product range

Bramley has bought another of their Okuma computerised , numerically controlled (CNC) machines to diversify its offering and for the first time in years, provide capacity to a take on new customers.


An industrial bench grinder being packed for sale

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