Cold Cut Saws versus Bandsaws

Its all about accuracy, versatility and effective cutting!


Cold Cut Saws produce a cleaner and more accurate cut than a Bandsaw. They generally have a smaller capacity, but a greater cut speed.

Good quality blades like our Kinkelder Range can be re-sharpened up to 30 times.
The key to optimum performance is speed and chip load.
For cutting thin walled materials, you generally need fine tooth range to control chip load. On solid materials, such as bar, you require a coarser tooth range so you produce bigger chip rate.

Bandsaw selection comes down to the maximum size of cut required. Options of Fixed Bow or Swivel Bow are available.
Bandsaws also have the benefit of “Set and Forget” so they will stop once the cut is completed.

Additional Cutting Factors

With Cold Saws and Bandsaws, lubrication is the key for efficiency and overall quality while also cooling the blade – helping blades to last longer.


Bi-metal Tooth Selection

  1. Determine size and shape of material to be cut
  2. Identify chart to be used (square solids, round solids, or tubing/structurals)
  3. Read teeth per inch next to material size.