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Heavy-duty Bench Grinders

Linishall… The Name for Grinding

Your first choice when reliability, durability and versatility matter!


Linishall Model BG150 - 150mm / 6"

Linishall Model BG8 - 200mm / 8" (Premium)

Linishall Model BGW200 - 200mm / 8" (Basic)

Linishall Model BG250 - 250mm / 10"

The Linishall Heavy-duty Industrial Bench Grinder is the first choice for all applications where reliability, long-life and usability are important.

Optional additions include a pedestal stand, belt and disc grinding attachment and a mitre table.

Standard features:

  • E-Stop On/Off
  • Tool rests
  • Pre-loaded bearings (no end play)
  • 2850 rpm
  • Heavy sheetmetal wheel guards

All Linishall grinders come with Emergency Stops fitted as standard!


Model BG150

  • Adjustable oval eye shields with magnifying glass
  • Fabricated tool rests
  • Shipping 15kg / 0.03m3

Model BG8

  • Diamond wheel dresser
  • Adjustable plain eyeshields
  • Cast metal tool rests
  • Adjustable LED work light
  • Wide guards for wire wheels
  • Shipping 25kg / 0.056m3

Model BGW200

  • Adjustable plain eyeshields
  • Fabricated tool rests
  • Has wider guards to accept 1” (25mm) wide wire wheels
  • Shipping 25kg / 0.056m3

Model BG250

  • Adjustable eye shields with magnifying lens
  • Cast metal tool rests
  • Has wider guards to accept 1” (25mm) wide wire wheels
  • Shipping 35kg / 0.075m3

MODELGrinding Wheel Diameter x WidthMotorShaft Dia. (Wheel Bore)Thread (Nut)
BG150150mm (6") x 25mm350W (0.5HP)12.7mm (1/2")M12 x 1.75
BG8200mm (8") x 25mm750W (1.0HP)16mm (5/8")M16 x 2.0
BGW200200mm (8") x 25mm750W (1.0HP)16mm (5/8")M16 x 2.0
BG250250mm (10") x 32mm900W (1.25HP)19.5mm (3/4")M16 x 1.5